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The courses listed have been assessed under the BCAOA Course Review process and were found to meet the educational core curriculum standards of the BCAOAat the time of review. The course must be taught at an institution which is governed by another provincial act such as the Universities Act.

Each course listed must have a least one Registered Aromatherapist/Essential Oil Therapist – EOT® to teach the course. Teachers have all agreed, in writing, to teach the BCAOA’s Core Curriculum as a minimum. The teachers are Registered Aromatherapists/Essential Oil Therapists – EOT®, with a minimum two (2) years practical experience as a qualified aromatherapist.

The BCAOA and the BCAOA Board Members do not assume any responsibility for the method of instruction used, facilities, quality of instruction or any other action or activity of these individual teachers.

The advantages of attending a recognized course and studying under a recognized teacher may include rapid membership processing, no cost for membership application review and ensures students have access to teachers with a specific level of knowledge and practical experience who have agreed to teach to the core curriculum.

To have your course listed as a Recognised Course, please contact us.

Recognized Courses Instructor Course Type Course Name
Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies
Colleen Thompson Correspondence Full Professional
Joyessence Aromatherapy Centre Inc.
Joy Watson Correspondence Full Professional
Langara College
Lynne Edel On Site at Langara College Full Professional
West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy
Beverley Hawkins Correspondence Full Professional
Amarna Holistic Centre
(250) 858-8258
Casey Mulcaster Correspondence Full Professional