Proud Members

In March 2003, under the Society Act of British Columbia, the members of the BCAOA were granted the right to use the Provincial Occupational Title “Registered Aromatherapist” (RA) by the British Columbia Registrar of Companies.  Since that time the BCAOA has also obtained the following Canada wide Registered Trademarks which all BCAOA members in good standing are entitled to use:

Registered Aromatherapist – RA®
Essential Oil Therapist –EOT®


Over the years, the BCAOA membership has grown and flourished, allowing us to have an increasingly strong voice when dealing with government representatives. Our members have benefited from an Association that values input from all its members and strives to move forward by truly hearing what our members want from their Association and implementing these ideas. The BCAOA is dedicated to bringing the best speakers and informative workshops to our members, and we encourage networking and communication amongst our members through local chapter meetings and our Continuing Education workshops.

What You Receive with Membership

The BCAOA values our members and the wealth of experience they bring to our community. We encourage ongoing education and networking for our members, while promoting aromatherapy and essential oil therapy to the public. These are some of the benefits of becoming a member:

  • Protected Occupational Titles and federally trademarked designations
  • Continuing Education Events hosted 1-2 times a year on fascinating topics by speakers from around the world, with CE Credits for attendees
  • The online quarterly BCAOA Official Journal which offers the opportunity to earn CE Credits through submissions
  • A united voice for Aromatherapists and aromatherapy throughout British Columbia and beyond
  • Professional practitioner liability insurance plan available through several companies
  • Listing in the Membership Directory
  • An automatic 50% off for any ad placed in the Journal
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