Our Goals

The two main mandates set by the 2018-2019 BCAOA Board of Directors are 1) to increase membership and 2) to advocate for insurance for aromatherapy services. We can’t focus on the second initiative until the first initiative is met. Our goal is to have 250 members which would give us some credibility when approaching the decision makers for insurance.

In order to reach the membership goal, which effectively doubles the current membership, we need to be creative in attracting new members. Three areas have been identified by the Board to start the membership drive:

  1. Recognition of aromatherapy schools outside of British Columbia. The more schools that are recognized by the BCAOA, the more students will join the association.
  2. Ensuring that the new Journal, Aroma Wisdom, is content-rich and is capable of reaching more than just the current BCAOA Members.
  3. CE Events – we have had some amazing speakers at BCAPA CE Events and have some equally inspiring speakers lined up for our future BCAOA CE Events. Unless you’ve been a CE Coordinator, you won’t understand the massive number of hours involved in organizing a CE Event. We have been fortunate to have such dedicated CE Coordinators but as we grow, they will need help.

How You Can Help

To assist the Board with these initiatives, we are forming committees. Volunteering for a committee won’t involve the time commitment that serving on the Board might but does offer members a way to have a say and give back to the association that supports them. As well, it is a way to receive recognition on the website as a committee member and to also receive some perks in compensation for the time committed.

The Committee that has been identified as the most time sensitive is the Education Committee. The Education Committee will be responsible for reviewing potential school applications for BCAOA course recognition. It is important that we maintain the standards set forth by the BCAOA, and therefore schools must be properly vetted.

This Education Committee will be more project-based rather than having regular meetings (i.e. meeting once per month). The BCAOA has developed a Course Audit Guide which will serve as a tool for measuring the specific requirements for course recognition. Course recognition is required for the RA (Registered Aromatherapist) Level and for the PA (Professional Aromatherapist) Level.

Volunteers will receive benefits based upon the number of hours they volunteer each year. This includes a dollar value based upon volunteer hours which could be applied to CE Events or advertising in the Aroma Wisdom Journal. Volunteers will need to meet the requirements of the specific committee and Volunteer Applications will be approved by the BCAOA Board of Directors.

If you are interested in serving on a committee, please complete the application below.

Download the Volunteer Application

Please Note:
The PDF file can be filled out electronically on your computer, saved and then sent into BCAOA.  Please follow the instructions in the PDF.