On June 6, 2008, at its Annual General Meeting, the BCAOA was very pleased to announce the inauguration of the annual Award of Excellence to recognize those individuals who have served with great distinction and excelled in the field of aromatherapy. Examples of distinction are: leadership; business; volunteer service; aromatherapy research.

Any BCAOA member may nominate a person. The nominee may be a BCAOA member or a non-member. Please note: BCAOA Board members are not eligible for nomination while they are serving on the Board.

The selection process will take place in June each year and the deadline for accepting nominees will be April 30th. The recipient of the award will be announced each year at the Annual General Meeting.

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Patricia Pogue


Kelly Ablard


Lynn Longmuir


Rae Dunphy

Pat Pogue updated the members on the Award of Excellence which was to be presented to Rae Dunphy for her outstanding contributions to the world of aromatherapy in Canada. Unfortunately, Rae passed away the very day the award arrived in Calgary however she knew it was being presented to her and it was on the memorial table at her service.

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Kent Goodwin McKay

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Douglas Thomson